About Us

PAIS buildingThe Center for Mind, Brain, and Culture was created in 2007 and opened in its current location in the new Psychology and Interdisciplinary Sciences Building (PAIS) in 2009. It is funded primarily by a grant from Emory College for the express purposes of founding the Center and assuring its continuation.

The Center sponsors multidisciplinary graduate and undergraduate courses and an associated colloquium series. The Center also offers a popular but space-limited lunch series associated with a blog that allows speakers, attendees, and others to discuss particular issues concerning mind, brain, and culture. CMBC-hosted summer workshops and informational sessions provide techniques and tools that will be of use to a broad array of scholars from a variety of disciplines.

Emory faculty, post-doctoral fellows, and graduate and undergraduate students whose interests coincide with the Center’s mission are encouraged to become affiliates and to participate in the Center’s activities.